01Nov 2018

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is an activity of marketing or merchandising through digital platforms like social media, mobile apps, search engines, email, and websites.

Digital marketing begun in the 1990’s and since then, it has transformed how brands and businesses use technology.

Marketing is about associating with the right audience at the right time.

Above all, digital marketing is a technique that takes place online. Its ultimate goal is to;Increase your online visibility

Conduct market research

Affiliate your online profiles and platforms.

There are a number of channels and tactics that constitute digital marketing. Let’s look at each of these tactics.

Content Marketing

content marketing purpose
The purpose of generating content is to promote brand awareness, lead generation, traffic growth, and customers.

The best way to promote your content marketing is through:

  • Whitepapers and Ebooks
  • Blog posts
  • Online lookbooks and brochures
  • Infographics

Search Engine Optimization

search engine optimization
This is the process of ranking high a website in major search engines.

As a result, there is an increase in organic traffic that a website receives.

There are three channels that benefit from SEO.

  • Blogs
  • Infographics
  • Websites

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing consists of posting affiliate links from one social media account.

Still, it encompasses hosting video ads through the YouTube Partner Program.

This type of digital marketing is where you receive a commission for promoting someone products and services.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing
Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, and Google+ are some of the social media marketing platforms.

These platforms can be used to promote brand and content to increase brand awareness.

As a result, it will generate leads and drive traffic to your business.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

Pay Per Click
This is a marketing structure where traffic is driven to your website by paying publisher every moment your ad is clicked.

Promoted Tweets on Twitter, sponsored messages on LinkedIn, and paid ads on Facebook are platforms where you can use PPC.

However, the most common type of Pay-Per-Click is Google AdWords.

This marketing system is where you pay for top slots on Google search engine result pages at a price per click on the links you place.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing
Email marketing is more associated with companies as a means of communicating with their audience.

Emails are used to direct readers to the business website.

Also, they promote content, discounts, and events.

The type of email sends vary depending on what you target.

For instance, email marketing campaign consists of blog subscription to newsletters, customer welcome and follow up emails.

Others include email tips for nurturing customers and holiday promotion to loyalty program customers.

Marketing Automation

This digital marketing procedure is where you use the software to automate basic marketing operations.

Tasks that can be automated include; contact list updating, email newsletters, social media post scheduling, campaign tracking, and reporting, and lead-nurturing workflows.

Some of these assignments can be done manually.

Benefits of Digital Marketing

If you haven’t taken your business online, out you are missing a lot.

Compared to traditional marketing techniques, digital marketing is cost-effective.

Small, medium and large businesses can all benefit from digital marketing by accessing large market.

No doubt, the benefits of digital marketing are without limits.

Nevertheless, every business can leverage these benefits of digital merchandise.

  • It saves time and money

Digital marketing lets you save a good amount of cash which you would have used on costly adverts.

In other words, this form of marketing has substituted the use of radio, television, and yellow pages form of marketing.

For instance, the use of email marketing automation can boost leads.

All you need to do is pre-load content and plan when you will send it out at what times.

  • Real-time Results

With digital marketing, you can tell what is working and what is not for your online business.

You can tell the number of visitors to your site, bounce rate, and conversion rate.

You also analyze the increasing number of subscribers and the increase or drop in traffic.

With all these information, it’s easier to point out what you need to do to improve your results.

  • Compete with Large Companies

Digital marketing provides effective marketing tactics.

So, whether you are dealing with small industry or not, digital marketing can help drive traffic by reaching out to desired consumers.

  • High Return on Investment (ROI)

The undisputed fact is that the conversion rate generated by digital marketing is high.

In other words, your business will benefit in terms of high revenues.

But to achieve this, use a digital platform that knows buyers purchase patterns.

Also, use several digital marketing avenues to get factual statistics.

Still, provide your customers with effective ideas that meet their needs.

  • You Get to Know Your Competitors

Competitive analysis is an essential part of digital marketing.

When you venture into digital marketing, you can seek experts help on your competitor’s tactics.

You can then capitalize on their shortcomings.

  • Enhance Business Reputation

You can enhance the reputation of your brand using your website, social media channels, and third-party websites.

Adding video testimonials will engage and encourage your followers to leave reviews and recommendations.

Share all the positive feedbacks with your fan base.

But, moderate it and respond to all negative reviews issuing answers to their requests.

What Budget is Needed For Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing budget depends on the elements you intend to add to your strategy.

If your focus is on inbound strategies like social media and content creation for a preexisting website, then you not need a huge budget.

With inbound marketing, you should focus on quality content.

There is, however, some expense when you come to outbound marketing like online advertising and email purchasing.

The kind of visibility you want will determine the cost.

Are You Ready to Try Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is not about planning when you will start. It’s about I’m doing it and where should I improve.

The best time to start your digital campaign is now. If you are already doing it, look at the areas you need to improve.

So the best time to venture into digital marketing is no better than now.

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